Literary Club "Shabd"

“Literary Club is about practicing to wrap one's mind around real and complex ideas, those of fundamental consequence for oneself and for the culture"
- Theodore Sizer describes Literary Club well.

Aim of Literary Club@KVS “Shabd”

The activities of this club would involve creation of written material in its various forms such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc. They shall invoke interest in writing among other students by holding competitions and by displaying work produced by the students. They shall present reviews of books that may invoke interest among other students as well as recommend good books to be procured by the college library. They shall devise ways and means by which the reading habit can be inculcated among the students. The members of the quiz club shall conduct quiz programs for the students, and shall take all necessary efforts to develop expert quiz teams for the college who shall represent the college for quiz competitions.

Working of Literary Club@KVS “Shabd”

The club has been working with an aim of providing students an exposure and churn out students who are self assured and bold enough to face various obstacles and challenges with a positive frame of mind.

Literary club brings out the good stored in the heart through speech, makes words a form of action, capable of influencing change

Each week students meet with their peers & teachers in small groups to tussle with a piece of literature. They learn to think about an author's purpose, to develop questions which can be approached from multiple perspectives, and to value the richness of the group's thinking. Large differences in reading abilities are common in a school or college for gifted students; musical aptitude or mathematical prowess does not necessarily correlate with linguistic skill. In this particular class, for example, there were non- readers alongside students with a remarkable ability to read sophisticated material with ease and sensitivity. The need to meet a range of abilities was the initial seed for this program.

Since cooperative student groups are critical to the success of Literary Club, we work closely with tutors to sort students at the beginning of the school year. First we identify readers capable of decoding and comprehending at about the same level. Behavior, personality attributes and friendships are all weighed. Students are asked about interests, genres they like, how much they currently read and whether they like to talk about what they're reading.

The newsletter/ school magazine, which is published annually are the contributions of the Literary Club.

The KVS Literary club is one such wing of the KVS where the objective of developing and promoting views and thoughts is undertaken. The club has consistently been organizing debate competitions, JAMs, extempore etc. to incorporate the intellectual and creative traditions among the students. The budding orators hone their skills and develop confidence. The club organizes events where all newfangled thoughts are flocked together, where wars are waged not by swords but by thoughts.

The club presents students a platform to give a vent to their thoughts and make their imagination run wild.