Music & Dance Club “KidzRock”

“KidzRock” music & dance club, is responsible for organizing various dance & singing competitions in the school and also to cultivate the dancing & singing skill within our students. This club organizes various cultural activities during various annual programs of schools. This club consists of group of professional & experienced music & dancing teachers and around 60 students.

“KidzRock” is an endeavor to promote formal learning of Western and Indian styles of music, dance and other performing arts.

They are striving hard to inculcate the knowledge and love for dance & music in our students, so as to assist them to shine. But more than that, it is our shared vision to be able to provide a medium for people to explore their creative possibilities. With a growing fraternity of like minded people, who share a love for art, “KidzRock” is a forum for ideas, talent and passion. And it is in this relationship that we find deeper meaning in our pursuit. As each day dawns, new challenges await. In this changing scenario, it is quite imperative for us to train our youth to stand aloft in this age of cut-throat competition. Within a short period the institute has become successful in spreading its wings. This would not have been possible without the incredible support of students and staff members. We try to inculcate confidence in the student and inspire them to cherish values of life. We have the best people with us who train the students with dedication which make a difference. For all this we thank management, staff & faculty of KVS, who supports the whole thing with utmost level of dedication, sincerity and hard work that proves “A duty which becomes a desire will ultimately become a delight”.