Science & Technology Club

VISHIST Vital & Sophisticated Implementation of Science & Technology

At KVS, we strongly believe that, the purpose of education is not only to provide bookish knowledge & facts, but also to promote inquisitiveness among the school students and inculcate Scientific temper among them. The need of the modern era is to trigger interest among the students in Science & Technology.

Here at “Vishist” the science & technology club of students of kids valley, we not only cultivate the knowledge and provoke interest of students in science, but also encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.

This club, which consists of half a dozen teachers & around 80 students, is responsible for organizing science exhibition & project display gallery. This club, in addition to that, organizes various technological workshops & competition related to science for enhancing the urge of students towards modern technology & to assist them is performing great in future scientific & technological era.