Abhinandan'12 The annual function of Kids Valley School. Venue: Madhur Milan, Farrukhabad. Timings: 03pm - 09pm. We invite all the parents and students of KVS family for this magnificient gala.. Come, lets celebrate and cherish the effort of our children..

KVS Family - Kids Valley School


Mrs. Ritu Tandon ( Manager, Kids Valley School)
Mrs. Ritu Tandon ( Manager, Kids Valley School)

A simple & dedicated women, A very simple women of high self confidence, management skill & dedication, presently working as the Manager of kids valley school, everyone considers her as the lucky charm for school, & they are not wrong too.. the day she took financial aspects of the school in her hand, Kids Valley School never turned back !!

We are glad to have you as the head of our family…!!


Naveen Mishra (Administrative Head)
Naveen Mishra (Administrative Head)

“It’s a name which needs no introduction”, Mr. Naveen Mishra, is one of the key member of the Kids Valley Family, who mentored & administered the school throughout its 9 years long journey. In his own words “Each day was a challenge & each year was a landmark, their were problems & hindrances but by God grace, we never failed & we never will..”

Mr. Udit N. Singh (Administrative Advisor & Technical Head)
Mr. Udit N. Singh (Administrative Advisor & Technical Head)

“If you want the world to change, you should be the one to show them how”, a highly ambitious guy, with dreams too high, Mr. Udit N. Singh, who has already been placed with Infosys, is one of the few young minds, who know how to “make the difference” & under his supervision, the KVS family, has already started its journey towards excellence.

Mr. Vijay Mishra (sports n transportation incharge)
Mr. Vijay Mishra (sports n transportation incharge)

Mr. Rajat mishra (computer lab head)
Mr. Rajat Mishra (computer lab head)


Mrs. Aparna Tandon (Principal)


Department of Science:

1.	Mr. Vijay Mishra (HOD)
2.	Mr. Rajat Mishra
3.	Miss Deeksha Gupta

Department of Mathematics:

1.Mr. Naveen Mishra (HOD)
2. Mr. Sunil Shukla
3. Mr. Vijay Mishra
4. Mr. Rajat Mishra
5. Miss Tanya Gupta

Department of Hindi

1.Miss Jigyasa Singh(HOD)
2. Mrs. Priya Bajpayee

Department of Computers

1. Mr. Rajat Mishra (HOD)
2. Miss Aditi Jain

Department of English

1. Miss Pallavi Dixit (HOD)
2. Miss Aditi Jain
3. Miss Shweta Shrivastava

Department of GK/MSc

1. Miss Aditi Jain (HOD)
2. Miss Deeksha Gupta
3. Miss Pallavi Dixit


Department of EVS

1. Miss Deeksha Gupta (HOD)
2. Mrs Sunita Mishra
3. Miss Roopam Agarwal

Department of Maths

1. Miss Tanya  Gupta (HOD)
2. Miss Amrita Shukla
3. Miss Deeksha Gupta
4. Miss Divya Chauhan
5. Miss Gunjan Jaswani
6. Mrs. Sunita Mishra

Department of Hindi

1. Mrs. Pritima Mishra(HOD)
2. Miss Jaya Pandey
3. Mrs. Priya Bajpayee
4. Miss Himani Singh

Department of English

1.Mrs. Arti Agnihotri (HOD)
2. Miss Pallavi Dixit
3. Miss Roopam Agarwal
4. Miss Poonam Bharadwaj
5. Miss Chetna Singh

Department of G.K. & M.Sc.

1. Mrs. Bobby Singh (HOD)
2. Mrs. Arti Agnihotri
3. Miss Deeksha Gupta
4. Miss Gunjan Jaswani

Department of Computer

1. Miss Roopam Agarwal (HOD)
2. Miss Richa Tiwari

Department of Nursery & P.G.

1. Miss Preeti  Bharadwaj (HOD)
2. Mrs. Anju Agarwal
3. Mrs. Deepika Agarwal
4. Mrs. Tripti Rastogi
5. Miss Richa Tiwari
6. Miss Anshika Sharma
7. Miss Saumya Rastogi
8. Mrs. Neeta Mishra


We are highly thankful to: